Waiting for Pre-order delivery to you




  • Anastasija Avramovic

    So will we get the shoes we ordered or not?

  • Kelly L

    I just want the shoes I ordered please. Or get a refund as soon as possible please.

  • boo blue

    I have been waiting for more than 3 months

  • Lydia Whatton

    Will we still get the shoes eventually or not?

  • Cherie16

    So will we get the shoes

  • Gabijanork

    Could you please provide an update?
    It’s getting beyond ridiculous

  • Kelly L

    Okay, so y'all just scammed all of us out of 130$. This sounds like a legal matter now.

  • Cathleennncastro

    I ordered my BTS x Puma Court Star on 10 April. It’s already september so I’ve been waiting for my shoes for at least 4 months now. I’ve also e-mailed a couple of times and got no reply at all. Please give us an update regarding this matter asap

  • Lydia Whatton

    To be honest, I just ended up cancelling the order. I got the money back and spent it on something different

  • Kaetochi Okpukpara

    It has been almost half a year. 6 months. Please update us on what is going on because this is getting ridiculous. I just need my shoes please, or the new Puma products if the Turins are no longer available.

  • Kaetochi Okpukpara

    I want to cancel my order but it says I have to contact your email. I did that and no one has replied in weeks! Please help.

  • Lydia Whatton

    If anyone wants to cancel the order but hasn’t had a reply, I did it immediately by going back to my order confirmation email and just pressing cancel order, so if you still have that email then it’s done and you get your money back within a couple of days

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