Waiting for Pre-order delivery to you




  • Anastasija Avramovic

    So will we get the shoes we ordered or not?

  • Kelly L

    I just want the shoes I ordered please. Or get a refund as soon as possible please.

  • boo blue

    I have been waiting for more than 3 months

  • Lydia Whatton

    Will we still get the shoes eventually or not?

  • Cherie16

    So will we get the shoes

  • Gabijanork

    Could you please provide an update?
    It’s getting beyond ridiculous

  • Kelly L

    Okay, so y'all just scammed all of us out of 130$. This sounds like a legal matter now.

  • Cathleennncastro

    I ordered my BTS x Puma Court Star on 10 April. It’s already september so I’ve been waiting for my shoes for at least 4 months now. I’ve also e-mailed a couple of times and got no reply at all. Please give us an update regarding this matter asap

  • Lydia Whatton

    To be honest, I just ended up cancelling the order. I got the money back and spent it on something different

  • Kaetochi Okpukpara

    It has been almost half a year. 6 months. Please update us on what is going on because this is getting ridiculous. I just need my shoes please, or the new Puma products if the Turins are no longer available.

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