[Shipping] Where is my order?




  • Zainab Ameer

    I've placed an order since March and now it's May and my package is still not shipped yet. I can't refund and I have been waiting for two months. Please either get my order shipped or return the money back.

  • amelia chow

    I've also placed an order, PUMA X BTS Court Star, on the 31st of March and it's currently 25th of May and my package has not been fulfilled ever since. It is almost 2 months. I have seen many good reviews saying that others received their goods in less than a month, should I be worried? I would deeply appreciate if you can fulfill my order ASAP. Thank You.


  • Celinestcha

    I’m also one of the many customers that purchased the BTS X Puma court star shoe and still have not received it. I ordered it in March and now it’s May 28th and still haven’t received it. I don’t even want a refund I just want my shoes lol. Thank you.

  • Sian May

    WHERE ARE MY BTS X Puma Court Star Shoes? I will report this site to Paypal so that customers cannot use this site. I am disgusted with your service. I also don't want a refund. I want the shoes.


  • Siti Fadhilah

    I ordered BTS X Puma Suede Platform Sneakers since January and I still have not received any news regarding my order even though I've emailed a lot of times. Payment done and fulfillment is under PARTIAL! Please either refund me back my money or ship my item ASAP.

  • Jfolse0419

    I ordered the BT21 1 piece Shooky pajamas. 30 days go by and my order hasn't shipped yet so I reach out to them and ask why. Instead of responding back to me, I get a shipping notification 2 days later. When I finally get the order, they sent me the wrong item. They gave me the 2 piece Shooky pajama set which is not what I ordered. I have since reached out to them 5 times and they refuse to acknowledge me and their mistake.

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